74 Alkaline Foods to Naturally Balance Your Body

If you’re trying to go alkaline, you’ll need to know which foods help your body get to and stay in an alkaline state. The general idea is to eat foods without worrying about an acidic effect, although some are more alkaline than others. It’s not necessary to eat only alkaline foods in order to get … Continued

The Alkaline Diet Advantage

‘What is an alkaline diet and why does it matter to me’, you ask? Well, the first part of understanding the alkaline diet advantage is to know that some foods have an alkaline effect and some foods have an acidic effect. This fact forms the basis of the alkaline diet—a way of eating which aims … Continued

The Simple Way to Purify Your Diet

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Well, let’s start with the bad news….unfortunately, our contemporary American diet is filled with processed foods like white bread, other refined carbohydrates, meat, alcohol and dairy which can be really tough on our body’s systems that work to keep us healthy. And like most … Continued

The Over Acidic Diet

Is your diet over-acidic? Almost everyone has experienced heartburn, indigestion or acid-reflux, at some point in his or her life. But if it’s an all-too-common occurrence, an over acidic diet may be the cause – which is why we recommend maintaining a proper acid/alkaline balance in your diet – also popularly known as an ‘alkaline … Continued

Natural Vs. Synthetic

CALCIUM CARBONATE VS SODIUM BICARBONATE—WHO WINS THE COIN TOSS? Confused by “ates” with similar sounding names? You’re not alone, so we’re bringing you the Qure play-by-play. Calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate sound similar and you can find both in common over the counter antacids, but the comparison ends there. These two little chemicals may be … Continued

House Plants

Air Purifying House Plants for your Home (Natural Green Air Purifiers) If you love indoor plants as much as we do at Qure, you’ll be happy to know that some plants are very good for your health. They don’t just make your home look great, they clean up indoor pollution. Unless we’re bowled over by … Continued

Eating A Lot Doesn’t Mean You’re Fed Well

Certainly you don’t have to look too hard to see that folks in our country don’t look undernourished. But the truth is, many Americans are eating excess calories from processed food and are quite undernourished without even knowing it! Sound surprising? It was for us at first too… All About the Labels If you’re weight … Continued

Sugared Out!

We’re all about proper hydration, nutrition and healthy lifestyle at Qure. Like you, we know eating too much sugar is not a good thing; you feel bad and the pounds creep on. But there’s more to it; over consumption of sugar has been linked to damaging effects on our brains. And we don’t mean that … Continued

Slow Down and Chew

Is Your Fast Eating Habit Wrecking Your Health? What happened to those long family dinners where everyone sat around for an hour talking and eating? It has gone the way of dial up Internet stone-washed jeans! Many of us gulp down lunch at our desks during a busy workday, and grab a fast dinner on … Continued

Vitamin – Natural or Synthetic?

Is There a Difference? We’re invested in a healthy lifestyle at Qure, that’s why we got into the Alkaline Water business. We know a thing or two about quality supplements; check out your Qure bottle for evidence. So when we found out that some vitamins may not actually be made from completely natural ingredients we … Continued

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