What is QURE Alkaline Water?

1.     QURE is a smooth tasting super hydrating electrolyte infused high pH alkaline water.

2.     QURE has a high 9.5 to 10 stable pH that counterbalances and reduces acidity from acidic beverages.

3.     QURE is made with a special blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals which gives QURE its awesome silky smooth taste.

QURE Features

  • Stable Alkaline Water pH of 9.5+ with a 2-Year Shelf Life
  • 9-Stage RO Purification & Mineralization Process
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Infused with Electrolytes
  • BPA-FREE PET 1 Bottles
  • Distinguished Smooth Taste
  • Counterbalances Acidic Beverages
  • Proper Hydration Aids Detoxification Naturally

What QURE Water doesn’t have…

No Unstable Electrolysis Process

No Synthetic Ingredients

No Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

No Fluoride

No Preservatives

No Harmful Leaching Plastic Bottles

No Sugar

No Calories

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