The Qure Alkaline Water Difference





We, here at QURE, are not claiming to have re-invented water or invented some super scientific process to make miracle water or the likes. Instead, we went with common sense and took notes from how Mother Nature mineralizes water. We call our process QURATION! This process is one of our key points of difference from other alkaline waters on the market today.


BASE WATER: We start with clean base water sourced from Orange County, California that is filtered and cleaned by the Orange County Water District under the strict supervision of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This water originates from a clean, private underground reservoir together with water from the Santa Ana River and the Colorado River. This base water is basically spring water that has been cleaned and tested for cleanliness and safety.Even though this base water is clean and drinkable by EPA standards, it is not clean enough for our standards. Our process requires meticulous pure base water in order for our mineral process to be most successful. This is the reason why we apply a 7 stage state-of-the-art commercial reverse osmosis purification process to purify this base water to a TDS of .05 ppm (parts per million). This means it’s immaculately pristine clean and stored in a tank before our next step.


The next step is where we replicate Mother Nature’s water cycle process. We route this pristine clean purified water through a special vessel that contains several staged layers of our proprietary blend of natural alkaline mineral catalyst in the shape of underground rock layers. These layers of minerals are designed to replicate the way Mother Nature naturally underground aquifers and springs. This stage is where the “ion exchange” or “active bonding” interaction of water molecules to minerals happens.


This next step is where we ensure that the ionic bond will last and the alkaline-rich minerals will become part of the pristine clean water. To accomplish this, we allow our alkaline water to marinate and circulate in a special tank with Ultraviolet light to disinfect while the bonding happens.

After the mineralization process, we run our prized mineral-rich alkaline water into a chamber of after-filters made from sweet coconut shell carbon to polish and remove any large solid mineral. The final stage is the Ozonation process for bacteria protection before it is ready to be bottled. The end product is pristine purified water with natural ionic alkaline minerals bearing a strong and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+ with a 2-year shelf life in its unopened bottle.

Mother Nature’s Water Cycle BEFORE Industry

beforeindustryThe QURATION process was modeled after Mother Nature because Mother Nature has the perfect process of making clean mineral rich drinking water by way of the “Water Cycle.” Let’s take a look at her awesome process:


First she has the sun heat up the ocean water until it evaporates forming rain clouds.


Then she has the wind blow the clouds inland until a cooler temperature cools/condenses the moisture making rain and snow.


After this, the rain or snow falls on mountains and valleys soaking through the soil and traveling downhill underground absorbing all of the nutrients of the earth. Once the water absorbs minerals from several layers of bedrocks, it becomes ionized and mineralized.

The water continues its travels downstream underground and through the wilderness absorbing everything in its path. This eventually will make aquifers, lakes, streams and springs creating naturally mineralized water ready for consumption. Before industry, there were abundant natural springs untouched by commercialization where water was crystal clean and rich of natural mineral nutrients. Except for wildlife’s occasional dead animal decay and animal fecal matter, water was safer and cleaner.

Mother Nature’s Present Water Cycle WITH Industry

withindustryEven though we believe Mother Nature’s way is the best way, we had to make some corrections to compensate for industry’s involvement.As industry evolves and the population continues to grow, natural bodies of water are harvested and manipulated by man.Currently, there are not that many bodies of water that have not been tainted by man and industrial by-products in some way or another.Artificial chemicals and impurities in the water are now accepted as a norm with permissible levels of contaminants by regulating agencies.The natural water cycle continues to deliver us water. However, the quality and cleanliness continues to degrade.


Industry effects rain clouds because many parts of our oceans are polluted and we have air pollution over cities as well…all of this gets evaporated creating polluted rain clouds.


Industry by-products pollute our grounds so when rain water falls and seeps underground absorbing minerals from layers of bedrocks becoming ionized and mineralized, it is also becoming polluted.


This rain water continues its travels downstream underground making aquifers, lakes, streams and springs.However, in our current commercial era there are not many bodies of water that are not populated by man, industrial by-products, wild animal waste and man-made pollution.

This naturally mineralized water that may or may not have an assortment of contaminants in it is now ready for consumption.Today the grocery shelves are filled with dozens of water brands claiming to be the “purest,” “cleanest” and “best tasting” water from exotic sources full of natural minerals and free of industry and man. This notion of natural, pure, clean naturally-sourced waters from exotic secluded valleys untouched by man is more marketing hype than truth in this day and age. There can be some exceptions, but how do we really know for sure? That is the reason why the QURATION process is similar to how Mother Nature makes mineral water but only cleaner.

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