QURE’s Beginnings


QURE Water is a brainchild of our company, Cleanse and Burn, Inc.. In 2009, believing in the importance of an alkaline lifestyle, we set out to research this new category of alkaline water. In the research process, we came across the different processes other brands were using to make their water alkaline. It wasn’t what we envisioned Qure Alkaline Water to be.

QURE has to be different and special. It has to have the highest quality natural ingredients and the process has to be as close to nature as possible. It also has to be renewable with little to no waste at all. We took on the challenge, jumped through hoops until we came up with a product that we believe to be of high-quality. QURE’s process was modeled after how nature makes natural spring water, except that QURE is free of contaminants that natural spring water may be exposed to during its travels underground.

QURE 9.5+ pH is made using our state of the art 9-stage purification and mineralization process which works by infusing meticulously purified pristine clean water through several layers of mineral beds composed of a blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals. We had finally developed QURE! And we are very happy with the result. We officially launched Qure Water in 2010.

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