Find Where to Buy Alkaline Water, Qure Alkaline Water.

Find an Alkaline Water Store in Your Local Area.


      Qure Natural Alkaline Water is available in over 7,000+ Stores in the continental US, as well as in Alaska & Hawaii. Qure Purified Alkaline Water can be found in many large retailers including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Ralphs, Hannaford, Ingles, Raley’s, Sheetz, The Fresh Market, Wegmans and more! Qure Alkaline Water is also featured in hundreds of specialty shops, and we make it easy for you to find an Alkaline Water Store near you. We’re constantly expanding our distribution into more stores, if your interested in seeing Qure in your store feel free to contact us HERE. Or if you a fan of ours and would like another store to carry it in your area, be sure to ask for Qure Alkaline Water!
      Are you a Big Fan? You want to help promote the Qure Brand? Contact us about sponsorship opportunities HERE.  We’re continually looking for brand ambassadors, whether your professional athlete, a musician, a Youtube Star, or someone who’s got a lot of friends on Social Media.
      Read more Qure Alkaline Water Reviews HERE, see what others are saying about Qure Alkaline Water. Be an inspiration to your family, and to others by making a lifestyle change.  Learn how others have had positive benefits from an Alkaline Diet. Strive to improve where you can in your health and see how great you can feel.
      Also check our #Quregold Summer Photo Contest! You can enter in to Win Great Prizes, like a new Fitbit, Qure Water T-shirt, and much more!

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